APRIL 2019

​Multimedia Narrative, Investigative Research, Website Design Project

  • Description: “Are We All Disabled” discusses an important flaw in logic in how we define a disability with sizable impact, and whether that definition is truly fair, compared to choices we make daily that may appear trivial, but are more similar to being “disabled” than we like to tell ourselves.

  • Writings: Narrative, research, argumentative

  • Media Used: Wix website platform, Wix Code Corvid, HTML, Adobe Photoshop

  • Research: Various information hubs into mental health

  • Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a certified study on mental health and disability, but rather a focus on individual experiences and interpretation within the scope of an extensive university capstone project.


"For a spectrum disability, the process is even harder to explain. The development is invisible. The ripple effects may also be invisible. Or they're very visible, but since the process is invisible, the logical connection between the invisible disability and the falling dominos of symptoms is difficult for other people to understand. Other people don't know it's because of your disability. Even if they do know it exists, they can't fully understand how far the consequences reach.


Seeing is believing. If you can't see it, you might not believe it. Even if you believe it, you can't understand it as well. Empathizing is not the same thing as sympathizing.

 If it’s a disability you can see, you end up defining that person for who they are simply by their disability. Often, you make it bigger than them. But for an invisible disability, you believe it smaller than it actually is. And that makes it harder for me, for all of us, in all these small ways you may never notice."



APRIL 2019

Marketing Blog and Website Design Project

  • Description: "The Way We Design Digital" is a marketing blog I made on the boundless effect design has on our marketing and consumer behavior choices. Website design, tech programs - how are we being influenced, as well as being influencers ourselves, of hyping up a product's assets?

  • Writings: Blogging, research

  • Media Used: Wix website platform, Wix Code Corvid, HTML, Adobe Photoshop



More and more, the importance of designers, especially digital designers, learning front end development and other kinds of coding is becoming apparent. Many of these digital marketing companies incorporate big data into their software now - in the analytics and analysis aspects. Since, of course, they’re part of the bigger umbrella of the tech industry, they’ve ridden the wave of big data analytics to serve their products further. Adobe in particular, uses predictive analytics, especially in their Experience Cloud software with Adobe Target - combining UX design and analytics for SMBs to see how people are navigating their websites, and how to optimize that experience.

The reality is that creativity comes now hand in hand with analytics. Again, with the onset of technology shifting how we create experiences, this is the kind of business that at the end of the day, I’m most passionate about.



APRIL 2019

Literary Magazine Organization - Digital Design, Editorial Journal Creation

  • Publications Produced During Involvement:

    • Issues 5-8 (7-8 as Editor in Chief)

  • Letter From The Editor Notes During Editor-in-Chief Involvement [See here]​

  • Involvement [See here]:

    • ​2015 - 2016 Layout Design Consultant

    • 2016 - 2017 Managing Editor

    • 2017 - 2019 Editor-in-Chief

  • Technologies Used: Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC




DEC 2017

​Multimedia Narrative and Website Design Project

  • Description: "Signs You're In Ross" is a reflective narrative about my time midway through the Ross School of Business junior year.

  • Writings: Personal narrative, argumentative

  • Media Used: Wix website platform, HTML, Adobe Photoshop 

  • Disclaimer: This is not meant to be an static indicator of my career interests. I created this early in my junior undergraduate year as I began searching for internships and just started considering where I wanted my new career to begin. As time passes, my path very well may shift, and already has - the position title may differ, the function, the industry. This moment was important for me to reflect on, and later, I will go through many more shifts - and I look forward to every one of those.

"Getting twisted by the tunnel vision of doing what’s expected of you is the stereotype, the air that Ross brings. Suppressing, trapping, with a million eyes on you. For some, that’s an environment so negative that it can kill. But my intent is to think of it as a test of endurance. One that chokes the lies out of you. Make you forget everything you do well, to see if you can remember again on your own accord. If you do pull through, you walk away with much more conviction on why you’re walking down that new path. Ross creates this test, amidst the rest of college havoc. I’ll sleep a little less, yawning and grumbling. But as harsh as it is, at the end of the day, I can only say it was worth it. 
A professor at a Ross speaker lecture series said once, “As soon as you find something you’re instinctively inspired by, your acceleration shoots up.” Where I am is a little closer to true for me now."



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