• Katherine Qiao



DEC 2017

​Multimedia Narrative and Website Design Project

  • Description: "Signs You're In Ross" is a reflective narrative about my time midway through the Ross School of Business junior year.

  • Writings: Personal narrative, argumentative

  • Media Used: Wix website platform, HTML, Adobe Photoshop

  • Disclaimer: This is not meant to be an static indicator of my career interests. I created this early in my junior undergraduate year as I began searching for internships and just started considering where I wanted my new career to begin. As time passes, my path very well may shift, and already has - the position title may differ, the function, the industry. This moment was important for me to reflect on, and later, I will go through many more shifts - and I look forward to every one of those.

Excerpt: "Getting twisted by the tunnel vision of doing what’s expected of you is the stereotype, the air that Ross brings. Suppressing, trapping, with a million eyes on you. For some, that’s an environment so negative that it can kill. But my intent is to think of it as a test of endurance. One that chokes the lies out of you. Make you forget everything you do well, to see if you can remember again on your own accord. If you do pull through, you walk away with much more conviction on why you’re walking down that new path. Ross creates this test, amidst the rest of college havoc. I’ll sleep a little less, yawning and grumbling. But as harsh as it is, at the end of the day, I can only say it was worth it. A professor at a Ross speaker lecture series said once, “As soon as you find something you’re instinctively inspired by, your acceleration shoots up.” Where I am is a little closer to true for me now."