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  • Katherine Qiao



APRIL 2019

Marketing Blog and Website Design Project

  • Description: "The Way We Design Digital" is a marketing blog I made on the boundless effect design has on our marketing and consumer behavior choices. Website design, tech programs - how are we being influenced, as well as being influencers ourselves, of hyping up a product's assets?

  • Writings: Blogging, research

  • Media Used: Wix website platform, Wix Code Corvid, HTML, Adobe Photoshop

Excerpt: More and more, the importance of designers, especially digital designers, learning front end development and other kinds of coding is becoming apparent. Many of these digital marketing companies incorporate big data into their software now - in the analytics and analysis aspects. Since, of course, they’re part of the bigger umbrella of the tech industry, they’ve ridden the wave of big data analytics to serve their products further. Adobe in particular, uses predictive analytics, especially in their Experience Cloud software with Adobe Target - combining UX design and analytics for SMBs to see how people are navigating their websites, and how to optimize that experience. The reality is that creativity comes now hand in hand with analytics. Again, with the onset of technology shifting how we create experiences, this is the kind of business that at the end of the day, I’m most passionate about.

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