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  • Katherine Qiao




May We Become Adults One Day We dream, out loud How we’ll all live together in a big house in Seattle Living out loud, our dreams Unrestricted by the titles scripted in our school certificates Pushed to the limit by my and your encouraging words of “Don’t you dare say, ‘I can’t do it’”

Because you can.

Best Friends Don’t Forget I hope you remember that one time we jumped out of a car into that great big intersection

Next to a mall that even my

professors know of, two cities away On a day we were so rebellious and skipped school for the first time in 12 years

Three years later we laugh.

But no one else can. It’s our stupidity to own.

I hope you remember my pain

And yet, still, keep listening

I hope you remember when I came to your dorm at 2 AM, blubbering about shitty people

And my dumb narrative of how equally shitty I am, have been, always will be Shut up. Pat head awkwardly. Now here is where you’re wrong. Point A, point B, point C...which leads back to point A anyways.

Hey! You’re smiling again.


Published In:

  • Blueprint Literary Magazine Issue 7, April 2018

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